Murder City Meltdown – Part 1

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An amazing comic. A must read for all!

In the world of Gaiamor, destroyed by war, now a wasteland.

The heroes of the order of CelesSteel have superpowers and use them for good in a place called Murder City, filled with violent punk tribes and marauders, CelesSteel has their work cut out for them.

The order of CelesSteel, a team of heroes, aim to stop a sworn enemy called Manndredd Stanning whom has a deadly new weapon to harm the public.

This comic is full of dystopian fantasy with a great story and amazing colourful retro artwork. I thought that this comic would be a bit depressing like DC comics typically are but it wasn’t as it was full of funny and very witty conversations.


By Retrolution Games CelesSteel –

  • Story Design and Direction by Luke Keidron
  • Cover Art, Colours and Letters by Chris Puglise
  • Additional Art by Jesus Wvence
  • Additional Colours by Ramzy Kamen



Limited time only – FREE DOWNLOAD

of MURDER CITY MELTDOWN Part 1 and Part 2


Part 3 will be out early next year!


For updates on part 3 – follow CelesSteel on Twitter @retroguygaming

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