Month: January 2019

What I hope will happen at the last Raw before Royal Rumble!

The royal rumble is WWE’s next big PPV, and if they are truly in a new era this has to be a good RAW to set up the match between Finn B├ílor VS Brock Lesnar, the Beast vs please god make it be the…


The 2D open world game where you can create your own magical abilities. You go on a journey around the world to discover the secrets behind rebuilding the universe. You play as Pimpim, a young girl with incredible powers who goes on a journey…

Heralds of the Order

Maala is on the gulf of war as a land without gods. It gives anyone the opportunity to achieve ancient powers. Feeling threatened and want to be the most powerful, warriors fight over the ancient power.

Top five films you could of missed in 2018

In no particular order! Great films you might not have known about, released in 2018!

Koruldia Heritage

Do you want to explore a vast and massive alien world?

Top 10 Ways to Become Low Impact / Zero Waste

I am not an expert in regards to being zero waste, but I have been trying to reduce my carbon footprint and waste less for the past two years. Here are some useful ways to save the environment. Here is my top 10 –…

Megatomic Battle Rabbit #2 – Hope is Invincible

Issue 2 of 4. Described as perfect for fans of Stranger Things! Like Issue 1, I loved reading Issue 2, this is a great comic series! I was thrilled to hear that Issue 2 has been released and now I can’t wait for Issue…

Top 10 unknown games to look out for in 2019

In no particular order! These are the games that Unknown Games are looking forward to in 2019! 1: Omno   This game looks great and relaxing! If you’ve played the game ‘Journey’ and struggle to find a game like it, you’ve found it. This…