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This article is a bit different…

It’s about something I love to watch on YouTube, and I have been a fan of them from when they started the ‘Prepare to Try’ series on IGN where they began by playing Dark Souls 1 but then started playing different games like Resident Evil and other games as one-offs. As the YouTube channel mostly focused on the Dark Souls series but that was when they worked for IGN. Now, they’ve gone off on their own adventure as friends, they have launched there own YouTube channel and podcast projected called RKG which stands for their name; Rory Powers, Daniel Krupa and Gav Murphy. I will link their Twitter below if you’d like to check them out.

Their old channel was called ‘Prepare to Try’, you can find all past content on YouTube still, but if you want to start with their new channel, there will be a link to that below. With their first proper video being released on January 26th, but you can support them on Patreon – one of the benefits is getting the video early.

RKG fund their project using Patreon so if you enjoy their videos – have a look at their Patreon page where they offer some great things for your support.


@roryhaspowers @cymrogav  @Krupa @RKGvideo





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