E3 – Square Enix – The best yet

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We finally get a decent amount of game-play!

We get information on the new Marvel game, but I was a bit confused about what the game was about. But I am still really excited about the game because it did look brilliant! Some people are talking about Hawkeye not being in it, but that doesn’t matter to me, we’re getting a Marvel Game woohoo!

We get a lot more mind-blowing Final Fantasy 7 game-play, and it looks incredible! Take a look for yourself if you didn’t watch E3;

Did you watch it? Doesn’t it look amazing!!!!

We will be reviewing this game in the future.

We got a trailer for the new Life is Strange 2, I’m not a fan, so not going judge it because I know people love the games.

We get a few random games as well like Final Fantasy Chronical which looks exciting, I might try it on the switch.

We got some Final fantasy online stuff which is a big thing, but I’m not a massive fan of online games.

If you check out our predictions, we were actually right about the whole Square Enix conference!

Honourable mentions

Osteopath Traveler PC release!

Dragon Quest Builders 2!

Dragon Quest XI release!

DLC for Kingdom Hearts!

Game-play for Dying Light 2!



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