Do you enjoy games with different landscapes…? Does wondering through the unending desert and a hidden forest takes your fancy?

If so, you’ve found the right game for you!

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Arok & the Chaos Outbreaks

A puzzle game, full of adventure as you explore to find secrets and collect items!

With beautifully designed landscapes, this game rewards non-violent behaviour, giving you the freedom to choose the outcome of your enemies…

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Indie Dev Rx is a great company which helps indie developers. They take out all the stress of building and maintaining press contacts, streamers contacts and industry links.

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Megatomic Battle Rabbit

Issue 1 of 4.

I loved reading this comic! Far superior to many sci-fi comics I can’t wait for Issue 2 to be released.

This comic may be based in West Bromwich, Birmingham but the story is far from typical. This comic is about Dexter  Draper, an average 12-year-old boy with interest in comics, aliens, space and sci-fi. When he’s not at school, Dexter leads his best friend Henry, on a wild goose chase as they go on adventures to ‘explore’ to find extraterrestrial beings with no luck. Sounds pretty normal, right?

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Hive Quest🌱

‘Strange adventures in the wild woods.’

A woodland-based adventure that is full of mystery, myths and folklore!

A unique magical strategy puzzle game with lots of exploring and the ability to use mind control on Hive drones. You never know what’s going to happen next as danger is always lurking…

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Q&A with Megatomic Battle Rabbit

Q)Where did the inspiration come from?

A)I wanted to create something that my kids could read and would want to read. Megatomic Battle Rabbit is part tribute to the stuff I loved as a kid (and still do) and part autobiography. They say write what you know, and while I have zero idea of what it’s like being a six-foot-tall alien space rabbit, I have first hand experience of being a twelve year old boy that would’ve loved to have met one.

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Have you ever been fighting skeletons in a dungeon and think why do they care they are skeletons?

Have you wanted to be the skeletons fighting back? Now you can!

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Contradictory to its name you mustn’t let the meteor fall!

A hero on a quest; fight monsters and save the world.

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It’s like a supernatural Romeo and Juliet with two soldiers from opposite worlds and sides of a war dictated by royals of the Robot Kingdom, fall in love against all the odds as a galactic war tares the universe apart. They escape together to start a new life, sick of fighting in a war that they don’t want to be a part of.

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Go Vegan for the New Year…

Veganism, you’ve probably seen a meme making fun of being a vegan, perhaps something about us eating grass.

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Feudal Alloy

Do you like robots?

Do you like fish?

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